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According to the use of CNC lathes

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1. Recommend cnc lathe
Simple CNC lathes can process parts with general accuracy and general revolving structure.
2. High precision CNC lathe
The high-precision CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-speed CNC lathe, which can stably process lt6 precision parts. For single and small batch parts, the machining accuracy can reach lt5
Grade, suitable for precision parts processing in precision instruments, aerospace and electronics industries.
3. Turning machining center
The turning machining center (shown in Figure 1-17) has power tool functions (such as rotatable milling cutters and drills) and c-axis control functions. It can complete multiple processes and multiple processes on a machine tool (turning , End surface wire groove, end surface drilling reaming, horizontal wire groove, horizontal drilling, etc.), thereby shortening the processing cycle, improving production efficiency and processing accuracy.
4. Special CNC lathe
Special CNC lathes are machine tools used for special processing of specific part shapes, such as special CNC lathes for flywheels, CNC lathes for electronic connectors, CNC lathes for bearings, etc. Special CNC lathes are CNC lathes specially designed for a certain part. This type of CNC The lathe is pertinent and professional.