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Avnet once again won the honor of “Excellent International Brand Distributor”

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The Global Electronic components Distributor Excellence Award Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. Tong Xinghua, Senior Sales General Manager of Avnet China South China, took the stage to accept the award on behalf of Avnet

November 9, 2020, Shenzhen, China – Avnet Asia Pacific, the world’s leading technology solutions provider, with its outstanding performance and market performance, strong supply chain system, and positive contributions to the electronics industry during the epidemic, has won from many competitors. Stand out and won the “Excellent International Brand Distributor” award issued by “International Electronic Business” magazine. This is the 19th consecutive year that Avnet has received this honor.

Dong Hua, Senior Director of Sales and Supplier Management at Avnet China, said: “The COVID-19 epidemic that is still raging around the world has brought a huge impact on the global industrial chain and supply chain. The procurement of electronic components and products has also become very challenging. In the face of many uncertainties in the global economy and industrial development under the epidemic, it has become particularly important to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the supply chain. Avnet has first-class supply chain management capabilities to ensure stable and smooth supply to customers. , to meet the volatility needs of our customers. We are honored that our outstanding contribution to the entire electronics industry has once again been widely recognized by the industry.”

With an end-to-end ecosystem, strong product development capabilities and solution design experience, and an excellent logistics network, Avnet can help its customers and partners around the world meet a variety of industry challenges.

At the beginning of this year, in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, Avnet actively assumed its corporate social responsibility. On the basis of taking effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic, Avnet made every effort to ensure a stable and reliable supply of electronic components, in order to fight the epidemic. Contributed scientific and technological strength.

In the process of supply chain management, Avnet maintains close interaction and communication with customers, timely understands and responds quickly to customers’ purchasing needs, and at the same time gives full play to the company’s global supply chain advantages, urgently coordinates origin and global sources of goods, and delivers goods on time to customers, helping them quickly restore capacity. In particular, in the face of the surge in demand for medical electronic devices during the epidemic, Avnet has given more user-friendly management measures, giving priority to stocking medical equipment manufacturers and providing them with much-needed electronic components for the production of epidemic prevention and control. medical equipment, and fully support the frontline of the “epidemic” battle.

In addition, as the world’s leading technology solutions provider, Avnet utilizes its own product R&D ecosystem and global business network to help customers quickly provide various technical solutions to meet the global demand for medical devices such as ventilators and CT scanners in a timely manner. equipment needs. For example, Avnet assisted downstream customers to design and produce hydrogen-oxygen atomizers for the clinical treatment of COVID-19.

China’s leading publication in the field of electronics, “International Electronic Business” held the “Global Electronic Components Distributor Excellence Award” award ceremony at its “Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leaders Summit”, and Avnet won the “Excellent Performance Award” in this award. International Brand Distributor” reputation. The “Global Electronic Components Distributors Outstanding Performance Award” aims to recognize those distributors who have achieved outstanding performance, continued to develop and innovate, provide high-quality customer service and excellent technical support, and have made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of China’s electronic industry chain.

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