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CNC machine tool technology

Posted by: Chris Na 2021-05-26 Comments Off on CNC machine tool technology

Numerical control machine tool numerical control equipment (especially the numerical control equipment that adopts cnc device) is an important equipment to realize flexible automation, and it has been widely used in various industries. Compared with other processing equipment, CNC machine tools have the following characteristics.
1. CNC machine tools are highly adaptable
Adaptability is the so-called flexibility, which is the adaptability of the index-controlled machine tool to change with the change of the production object. The CNC machine tool performs product processing on the CNC equipment. When the product (production object) changes, it can adapt to the production needs of the new product by changing the input program of the CNC equipment without changing the hardware of the mechanical part and the control part. The production process is done automatically. This feature not only meets the current market competition needs of rapid product update, but also better solves the problem of automated production of single-piece, small-batch, and changeable products. Strong adaptability is the most prominent advantage of CNC machine tools and CNC equipment, and it is also the main reason for the emergence and rapid development of CNC equipment.
2. CNC machine tools can realize complex movements

Ordinary mechanical equipment is difficult or impossible to realize the motion of a curve or surface with a trajectory of more than three times, such as space surfaces such as propellers and steam turbine blades, while CNC equipment can almost achieve any trajectory motion and process any shape of space surface. For the processing of complex and special-shaped parts.