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DeepBlue Technology and Tongshu Biotechnology jointly promote the implementation of the “AI + medical” industry

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Recently, the platform-based world-class Al Maker DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DeepBlue Technology”) and Changzhou Tongshu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tongshu Bio”) signed the “Equity Transfer Agreement”. , intends to obtain 100% equity of Shanghai Fangyuan Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. held by Tongshu Biology and others, and the registration of industrial and commercial changes is to be completed.

It is reported that the acquisition of the medical examination institute located in Jing’an, Shanghai is an important part of the implementation of DeepBlue Technology’s established strategy: the medical examination institute will serve as the deep blue technology to carry out the tumor precision diagnosis business and the clinical diagnosis experimental platform for the gene sequencing business. Provide professional clinical medical technical support.

Joining forces, artificial intelligence helps achieve precision medicine

In addition to the M&A signing, DeepBlue Technology and Tongshu Biology also signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This cooperation will rely on the leading positions and resources of the two parties in their respective fields and complement each other’s advantages, cooperate in pathological diagnosis, tumor analysis, genetic research, etc., and connect artificial intelligence with big data research such as pathology and genes to achieve multimodality. Research and development and implementation of precise auxiliary diagnosis system.

It is understood that DeepBlue Technology has a strong computer vision AI algorithm team, and Tongshu Bio has cooperated with Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Shanghai Chest Hospital and other authoritative Shanghai tertiary hospitals, and has accumulated a large number of pathological aspects of common tumors such as lung cancer. Polycentric labeled data. In clinical treatment, pathological diagnosis is the gold standard for tumor diagnosis. However, due to the heavy workload of doctors, especially intraoperative pathology, which has high requirements on the speed of diagnosis, there is a huge unmet demand. The use of artificial intelligence to enable pathological auxiliary diagnosis is a hot research field at present, and it is expected to achieve major breakthroughs. At the same time, molecular diagnosis such as genes is of great significance for targeted and precise treatment, but the cost of gene sequencing is high and the cycle is long. General hospitals do not have this condition and require the participation and support of formal third-party institutions with relevant medical qualifications.

The two sides jointly stated that the development and implementation of the AI-powered multi-modal precision auxiliary diagnosis system for pathology and genetic big data is the direction of cooperation between DeepBlue Technology and Tongshu Biology. In the future, the two parties will join hands with each other and are expected to actively cooperate with domestic provincial and municipal hospitals to further improve the accuracy of benign and malignant tumors, tumor typing and staging diagnosis through the help of artificial intelligence, and achieve true precision medicine.

People-oriented, promote artificial intelligence to better serve people’s livelihood

Chen Haibo, founder of DeepBlue Technology and founding dean of DeepBlue Academy of Sciences, said that as the first echelon enterprise of artificial intelligence in China, DeepBlue Technology has always adhered to the mission of “artificial intelligence, serving people’s livelihood”. People’s health is the top priority of people’s livelihood, so that everyone can live a wonderful life, high-quality medical technology and level are indispensable. China already has a lot of cancer pathology big data. On this basis, DeepBlue Technology is committed to completing the in-depth analysis and standardization of data through artificial intelligence technology, and then realizing specific applications in various sub-fields. In order to improve the level of medical intelligence, enhance the Public health service and management capabilities play their due role in meeting the growing needs of the people for a healthy life!

Yan Linghua, president of Changzhou Tongshu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said that practice has proved that artificial intelligence has an extremely important role and prospect in accelerating cancer drug research and development and disease prediction. Today’s cooperation is just the starting point for both parties to join hands. I hope we can start from this starting point and let medical care and AI collide with more sparks, which can benefit the health of our entire human beings in the future!

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