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Haier releases 5G IoT central air conditioner, and 5G IoT scenarios

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On November 15, Haier launched the world’s first 5G IoT central air conditioner in Qingdao. A full range of products including maglev air conditioners, multi-connection, and home central air conditioners are connected to the “5G + Internet of Things”. Haier’s 5G IoT central air conditioner can be applied in all scenarios, including home, office, computer room, heating, and shared air conditioning, to achieve self-networking, self-energy saving, and self-optimization. At the scene, five IoT scenarios, including smart home air, smart office air, IoT high-efficiency computer room, smart heating, and shared air conditioning, using 5G IoT central air conditioning were released simultaneously.

Wang Li, Vice President of Haier Smart Home Ecological Platform and General Manager of Haier Air Industry, said on the spot that products will be replaced by scenarios in the future, and the industry will be covered by ecology. Therefore, Haier takes ecological brands as the development direction leading the times. According to on-site data, Haier IoT central air conditioners have cross-brand access to 3 million+ users and 1 million+ network access devices.

Haier releases 5G IoT central air conditioner, and 5G IoT scenarios

Replacing Products with Scenarios: Meeting the Full Space Requirements of 5 IoT Scenarios

In large commercial buildings, 5G IoT central air conditioners are used in IoT high-efficiency computer room scenarios, saving more than 50% of energy. In the Haier E+ high-efficiency computer room, air conditioners, water pumps, cooling towers and other products of different brands are all connected to the same system through the 5G network. After the power is turned on, all devices are automatically connected to the Internet, high-speed transmission of unit operation data, and an optimal operation plan can be generated. The unit can be self-upgraded or remotely controlled by professionals. The employees stationed in the computer room only need to master the basic operations.

In addition, Yang Baolin, Global Planning Director of Haier Central Air Conditioning, shared innovative applications of other IoT scenarios one by one. Under the 5G cloud service, offices can be rented in different areas and billed by household; in the 5G heating network, the temperature and humidity of the households’ rooms are collected to realize on-demand heating; in the 5G shared air conditioner, the rental fee is charged according to the usage time, and the recharge is realized. Remote centralized control management such as booting, arrears locking, etc.

Covering the Industry with Ecology: Landing 4 Smart IoT Ecosystems

It is understood that Haier has empowered more than 500 air stakeholders by building the world’s largest air ecological brand, opening platforms and sharing resources. At present, Haier IoT central air-conditioning has implemented four IoT ecosystems, namely smart energy saving ecology, smart air ecology, smart leasing ecology and smart heating ecology, covering multiple scenarios such as homes, office buildings, hotels, data centers, factories and district heating. and industry.

On the day of the release of the five major 5G IoT scenarios, Haier joined hands with China Academy of Home Appliances, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Huawei, and China Mobile to initiate the formulation of the industry’s first IoT central air-conditioning application standard. From the perspective of market status, technological innovation, case application and other dimensions, it will open the IoT central air-conditioning system architecture and solutions for global enterprises and users, and provide reference for the application of 5G IoT central air-conditioning in various industries.

Under the strategic layout of “Smart Home Cloud”, Haier Air Industry has continuously explored the transformation from network appliances to scenarios to ecology, replacing products with scenarios and covering the industry with ecology. It can also be seen from the road of Haier’s changing air ecology. The future way out of the central air-conditioning industry does not rely on the traditional thinking and path of “making air conditioners”, and air ecology will become the general trend.

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