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Huawei and Intel Release FusionServer Pro Series Next-Generation Server Product 2488H V6

Posted by: Yoyokuo 2022-10-08 Comments Off on Huawei and Intel Release FusionServer Pro Series Next-Generation Server Product 2488H V6

Following Intel’s announcement that it has obtained a supply license to Huawei, on September 22, Huawei and Intel released the latest generation of the FusionServer Pro server series 2488H V6 online.

According to Huawei, the FusionServer Pro series is based on the x86 architecture and has strong general computing power and heterogeneous computing power. The 2488HV6 released this time can be configured with 4 third-generation Intel in a 2U space? Xeon? Scalable processing, 48 DDR4 memory, 11 PCIe expansion slots, and can be equipped with the latest AI training and reasoning modules, which can support a maximum computing power of 560TFLOPS.

At the press conference, Zhang Xiaohua, president of the FusionServer business of Huawei’s computing product line, said that the computing industry needs to address these trends and challenges in terms of computing power, computing power density, and intelligent operation and maintenance, so as to achieve system-level improvement in the performance of a single server. High-density deployment and intelligent operation and maintenance of the center.

It is worth mentioning that Intel also participated in Huawei’s product launch and shared its latest generation of data center products.

Intel revealed, 3rd generation Intel? Xeon? Scalable processor with integrated AI acceleration, added bfloat16*Intel? The deep learning acceleration technology improves the reasoning performance by 1.9 times compared to the previous generation platform. At the same time, launching a breakthrough memory Intel? Optane? The persistent memory 200 series supports real-time big data analysis.

With the leading role of industries such as “new infrastructure”, the computing industry is growing rapidly and has become an important driving force for high-quality economic development in the future. 5G, optical fiber and other technologies have solved the problem of data transmission, and computing can mine new commercial and social value from the “value rich mine” of data.

Huawei said that in the future, 5G, AI, cloud and other technologies will be further popularized, the digital transformation of the whole society will continue to deepen, and the surging demand for diverse computing will also sweep. The company will also continue to work with global partners to create a cooperative ecosystem. With stronger performance and a more prosperous ecosystem, it will help the digitalization process of thousands of industries.

It is worth noting that this is the first public joint release of products by Intel and Huawei since the latest US ban on Huawei on September 15, which also shows that Intel has indeed obtained a supply license for Huawei.

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