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iOS 14 June release: new features like Android

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I believe that the fruit fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite until now should all know that when they talk about Apple’s iOS 13 system, they are “discolored”, and the majority of fruit fans love and hate the current iOS 13 system.

As time passed quickly to the end of February 2020, Mingmei Infinite continued to share the latest things about iPhone, Apple and iOS with many fruit fans.

iOS 14 June release: new features like Android

As far as the current mobile phone system market is concerned, there are nothing more than Android and iOS, and iOS almost occupies more than 60% of the high-end mobile phone market. In recent years, the experience brought to users by Apple every time a new phone is released is not very good. , so it has been criticized by the market, but even so, every new generation of iPhone will be bought by a large number of fruit fans.

Although Apple ranks third in sales in the global mobile phone market, these Apple users do not love the iPhone, but have a complex relationship of “love-hate” with the iPhone. On the one hand, Apple optimizes the details of IOS Users really like the serious treatment of applications by developers and developers, but on the other hand, Apple’s closed, strict IOS system, and the default settings of programs have many shortcomings compared with Android.

As we all know, Apple’s iOS system has always been known for its fluency, but I believe that many senior fruit fans are well aware that the iOS system is relatively closed compared to Android, and will be worse in terms of feature richness and system freedom, but now Apple seems to be Going to make iOS more free.

At WWDC 2019 in early June last year, Apple released the new iOS 13 system as usual. While the industry is facing some special circumstances this year, iOS 14 isn’t expected to be impacted too much, so it shouldn’t be a problem to see it mid-year. There are still about 3 months before the press conference, and bits and pieces of news have begun to come on the Internet. According to the latest exposure video, iOS 14 will have major changes in the design of the background interface.

Earlier today, some foreign media exposed screenshots of iOS 14. From the information disclosed, Apple will introduce an iPad-like multitasking interface design into the system.

From the photo, the multitasking layout on the iPad side was introduced in iOS 14. The multitasking view of the iOS 14 internal test version is similar to the iPad side. A total of four applications can be displayed on the screen on the multitasking interface of a single call. Swipe right to view other applications.

When the user closes an app, it will show the lock open; when the app appears on the screen, the lock will not appear. Some netizens speculate that apps that may be locked will be pinned to prevent them from being accidentally closed during multitasking.

iOS 14 June release: new features like Android

Such a background interface suddenly reminds us of the way we used to view background programs on Windows. At a glance, the thumbnails of each program are presented in front of us, which is very convenient for distinguishing which applications are needed and which ones are not. In addition to making changes in the interface of background tasks, the signal released by iOS 14 is to pay more attention to the improvement of productivity. This kind of design logic is to improve the efficiency of users, make the entire interface clear at a glance, and make decisions quickly.

Compared with the current iOS 13 background, the background interface of iOS 14 is more like designed for large-screen mobile phones. It is reported that the default icons, control center, notification center, and settings menu interface of iOS 14 will be redesigned, as early as 2019. At the end of the year, a test programmer broke the news that iOS 14 is more focused on functional user-friendly and interface improvements, and the performance will also be slightly improved, but not the focus of the upgrade, because the optimization of iOS 13 is good enough.

The multitasking interface of the iPhone has been criticized by many fans in the past, and this change can also be seen that Apple is actively improving this aspect. However, some netizens said that the multitasking interface in this iOS 14 is similar to that of the iPad, and some netizens said that some Android phones were already in use many years ago.

In addition to the changes in the multi-function interface, it is reported that iOS 14 will also add the common split-screen function in Android to further improve the iPhone experience. In addition, the app icons in iOS 14 will also be adjusted, redundant lines will be removed, and the overall will be more concise and clear.

In addition, according to previous reports, Apple is considering opening the HomePod smart speaker to third-party music services such as Spotify. So far, the HomePod can only interact with Apple Music, Apple’s own music service.

Under Apple’s current rules, developers can offer alternative web browsers in the App Store, but they must all be based on the WebKit rendering engine. Likewise, there are many rival email apps in the App Store, but the shortcut to compose a new email will only show Apple’s own Mail app.

Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, the default web browser and mail applications of iOS are Apple’s own applications and cannot be changed, which makes it difficult for third-party applications to compete. Currently on the iOS system, if a user needs to open a web link, The system will automatically open in the Safari browser by default. Unlike the computer, Apple does not give users the right to choose the default browser.

Now it looks like Apple is starting to seriously consider whether to open up the service to allow other apps to be users’ preferences instead of Safari and Mail, which is expected to happen on iOS 14, and if those come true, Apple is still very excited this year. Powerful.

In addition, in terms of functions, iOS 14 will become more user-friendly. For example, the incoming call interface will become a pop-up window, which will not dominate the entire screen and affect the user experience. Secondly, iOS 14 also added the screen-off Display function, making full use of the advantages of OLEDs such as the iPhone X.

iOS 14 also uses the same notification shade as SMS reception so users don’t get in the way of what they’re doing even after receiving a text message. Such an update will not interfere with the user’s use of the phone or interrupt the game with notifications while playing. In fact, the iOS 14 system has also added a “multi-account” function, similar to the “multiple applications” function of Android phones. In fact, the “one phone, one phone” setting for Apple users has been very inconvenient to use for many years. When the Apple system supports logging in to multiple accounts, Apple users can classify and save various data. Just swipe left or right on the settings interface to switch accounts.

Perhaps the word “monopoly” has always been a thorn in Apple’s heart, and under pressure, Apple finally chose to open up permissions to us in iOS 14 and freely choose the default app.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: After experiencing the painless IOS 13, iOS 14 has also begun to “learn to be good” and gradually learn from Android. Mingmei believes that this is a good thing for users, and it is the system optimization that learns from each other’s strengths. The essential. No matter from which aspect, Mingmei infinite hopes that iOS 14 is a good start.

The features of iOS 14 are currently speculative, but there have been reports of compatibility with older models. According to a leaked report last month, all iPhones that can run on iOS 13 can run iOS 14, which means from iPhone 6s / 6s Plus to iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max (and the rumored iPhone 9) Both will update iOS 14 in September 2020, and the iPhone 12 series will be pre-installed with iOS 14.

So, if you have anything to look forward to about Apple’s iOS 14 system, you may leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei to participate in the discussion together!

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