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Japanese mysterious man develops AI that can automatically decode, shaking the industry

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Mosaic is a common and widely used image/video processing method, which can degrade the level details of certain areas in the image/video and disrupt the color blocks in the area. It looks like the place where the code is made is composed of small squares, and people give this picture an image name: “mosaic”.


Japanese mysterious man develops AI that can automatically decode, shaking the industry

Some people say that mosaic is the greatest invention in the world, and some people say that mosaic is the worst invention in the world. From the point of view of existence that is reasonable, the existence of mosaic is to make some details of the image/video unrecognizable, to protect privacy or avoid copyright risks.

Just imagine, what will happen after the mosaic is removed again?

Today, the “mosaic remover” that featured in past magazine ads has announced its rebirth. This is closely related to the development of AI. Google has developed such an AI system before. Through AI’s “association”, it adds details in a “guessing” way, increases the pixel multiple step by step, and finally obtains a clear image.

Today, with the gradual progress of AI technology, the technology of removing mosaic is gradually mature. It also brought a lot of controversy, mainly focusing on the opposite of the original intention of the invention of this technology mosaic.

The rebirth of this technology has greatly affected many industries. Among them, the AV industry may suffer the greatest impact.


Japanese mysterious man develops AI that can automatically decode, shaking the industry

Fake pornographic entities flooding overseas websites

In December last year, the Japanese magazine Weekly SPA! reported on the use of AI to replace the faces of well-known artists for the distribution of pornographic content.

There is now a trend in adult content that abuses AI technology to watch “decoded videos” where the mosaic looks extremely thin. These videos are massively uploaded by users on overseas porn video sites such as K and F. Among them, the original unprocessed works of well-known actresses can be seen everywhere, and now the videos of T?S and M?Y can be seen everywhere.

It is said that when these videos began to circulate, everyone still did not know what it was and what impact it would bring. However, as the internal mechanism gradually became clear, the AV world was shocked.

Before getting close to the truth, first actually looked up a few videos on these sites to watch. On the website, the names of well-known Japanese AV actresses are mixed in the works of countless amateurs and foreigners.

At the beginning of the lingering picture of men and women in the video, there is a layer of gauze-like things in the parts where there should be mosaics, which makes the details look blurred, and the somewhat unnaturally deformed sexual organs are highlighted. While it’s easy to see that the hands and mouth are touching the genitals, the movements and shapes of the genitals are a bit odd.

The reason why such videos flow out is actually because of the use of AI to “reproduce” the sexual organs. That is to say, the sexual organs in the video are obtained by AI through mosaic analysis from the perspective of color, shape and body – “I’m afraid this is how it feels”, and then “forged sexual organs” are added in the mosaic part. “ROBOTEER” editor-in-chief Ha Jong-ki said.

“To make low-definition images and videos clearer, to make synthetic/reproducible AI techniques from years ago become the current trend, using GAN (adversarial generative networks). This is different from machine learning, even if there is no so-called ‘teacher data’, AI can also find structures and laws from objects, and then complement them to generate data that does not actually exist. The software that can eliminate the unsightly telephone poles and passers-by in the background of the photo without any sense of contradiction uses this. technology.”

Although the popular AV actress Yuya Mikami posted on ins last summer, she said, “My unprocessed work has become a hot topic. In fact, it was made with AI, which is a pity.” In contrast, industry stakeholders are generally outraged at the production and distribution of these videos.


Japanese mysterious man develops AI that can automatically decode, shaking the industry

A related person from the AV production company said, “The actresses are very pitiful. There are many people who are willing to appear in AV because of mosaics. If they know that their interests have been damaged, they should be very hit. Even if they explain to them that these are Forgery, how much are they willing to believe?”

So, where do these videos come from? Is it made by technical engineers who are good at AI? No, anyone can use the coding software now. It is precisely because of the video software “JavPlayer” that related videos are uploaded in large numbers.

Even if the software’s release page can be found, the true identity of the creator remains a mystery. Although many people tried to get in touch, the contact address was completely undisclosed, and all efforts were in vain. However, there are various indications that the creator seems to be Japanese, the published page uses overseas production services, and the outline is not very clear.

The number of Chinese people using de-coding software has risen in large numbers?

Decoding technology was originally developed years ago by people working to remove mosaics from porn games. In recent years, with the rapid development of AI technology, tools for real-time decoding and playback have emerged.

The producer may have originally developed it out of personal interest, but since last summer, some people have added uncensored AV for profit on overseas websites and other places without authorization. A game content producer in the AI ​​industry said.

“Reproducing the mosaic part will bring a huge load to the computer. If the computer’s performance is not high, it will not run very well. The computer they use is probably a high-performance computer made by Chinese businessmen, and the processing of video can be realized very well. Capacity beyond the reach of the average person’s range of interest.”

Uncoded videos uploaded overseas can be watched for free, websites can get advertising revenue, and contributors can also get affiliate marketing revenue. Although it is completely illegal, it has turned into a situation similar to the circulation of fake pornography reported last time.

It is of course no problem for individuals to decode the purchased video with software for entertainment. However, if it is for profit, uploading videos on websites that are not specially designated for viewing is equivalent to copyright infringement.


In response to such a situation, what measures will the AV industry take? The IPPA Secretariat, an organization that protects the copyright of adult works in the industry, said, “Illegal videos must be deleted, but police search assistance is also required. Watching illegal videos will bring losses to the AV production company, and the performers’ remuneration will also be lost. It will be affected, and it will be difficult to make better works in the future.

Of course, the spread of illegal content has also become a matter of life and death for creators. AV director Masaki Hibino said this.

“Among AV producers, there are people who want to make movies and TV series but do not have the strength and talent to enter the industry, and there are people who are rejected by the entertainment industry because of their junior high school education. These people can eat serious food in the AV industry. No protection. How will they live with copyright, these people’s ‘bottom line’ is gone. Copyright is very important, not only for movies, but also for AV.”

Japanese mysterious man develops AI that can automatically decode, shaking the industry

In order to realize legal erotic images, Japan’s AV has developed only after the invention of island culture such as mosaics, but today’s saboteurs are seriously threatening the AV industry.

Verify the code!

We actually tested the mosaic video reproduction tool “JavPlayer” introduced in the article, and the software has a free trial version and a paid version (1200 yen). In order to reproduce the physical appearance on the video website, a high-performance computer equipped with a GPU (image processing device using a virtual currency mining machine) is usually required. This time we use a normal computer for verification.

Using this software to play coded video, the mosaic part looks blurry. Although the reproducibility is low, it looks a bit clearer than the original video. When the video is playing, the computer exhaust fan is humming, and it can be seen that the video playback has brought a considerable load to the computer.

Combined with content purchased from major domestic adult sites such as FANZA, the software can save videos that allow mosaics to be replayed immediately. The description of the release page reads “The video sleeping under the HDD (hard disk) may become a baby”, it can be clearly guessed that this is the AV work that has been decoded. In addition, there is also an English commentary, and the paid version can be used with overseas payment systems. It seems that there is an idea for overseas users.

Although the real identity of the creator of the software is unknown, it seems that it is Japanese.

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