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Laptop demand rebounds during the pandemic, but for how long

Posted by: Yoyokuo 2022-04-24 Comments Off on Laptop demand rebounds during the pandemic, but for how long

The COVID-19 outbreak in the first quarter of 2020 has left many industries struggling. But the laptop market has withstood the toughest test of the early economic downturn. The latest research report “Global Notebook PC Shipments and Market Shares in Q1 2020” released by Strategy Analytics’ Connected Computing Device (CCD) service pointed out that in the first quarter of 2020, global notebook PC shipments only declined by 2% year-on-year. With global consumer demand sluggish in the second quarter, the notebook market will face greater challenges and leading notebook manufacturers will be in a precarious position.

Chirag Upadhyay, senior research analyst at Strategy Analytics, said: “Globally, those who rely heavily on the Chinese supply chain and laptop makers with little pre-pandemic inventory faced greater challenges in the first quarter. From consumer demand From a perspective, the manufacturers most reliant on China’s domestic market experienced the largest decline. On top of this, global notebook shipments in the first quarter of 2020 fell by only 2% year-on-year, in line with most other consumer electronics products. than, which is considered a success in a very difficult environment.”

Eric Smith, Director of Connected Computing Devices (CCD) Services at Strategy Analytics, added: “As COVID-19 spreads globally in the second quarter, we expect large corporations and educational institutions to purchase more laptops to support consumers Work/Learn Programs from Home. As more consumers isolate at home, the number of Electronic devices in the home is not sufficient to support the work and study of all household members. As the general population faces economic hardship, so will consumer demand Weakness, but business demand is likely to offset the negative impact.”

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