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Maintenance of Siemens 840C system in CNC machine tool factory

Posted by: Chris Na 2021-05-27 Comments Off on Maintenance of Siemens 840C system in CNC machine tool factory

SINUMERIK840C is the most advanced cnc system launched by Siemens in the early 1990s. It is a control system developed on the basis of the SIN880 system and combined with the current PC (personal computer) design ideas. In the early SIN840 software version 1 and 2, the functions are relatively simple. Since the release of software version 3 at the end of 1992, all the control functions of the SIN880 system have been transplanted to SIN840. Since then, the SIN880 system has been developed by SIN840C and the WINDOWS version. All control software runs under the WINDOWS environment, providing users with a fully open operating platform. By 1996, SIN840C software sheet 5 had also been developed. The system is the most complex and comprehensive CNC system of Siemens, and it is also the future development direction of Siemens CNC.
The SIN840C system has the following main objects and functions: the number of control axes can be up to 15 (only 9 before software version 2), and the main country can have up to 6; the channel structure is adopted, and the number of channels can be up to 4 ( Software version 4 The accuracy of non-export software can reach 0.0001mm; interpolation can realize 3D interpolation, and non-export software can realize 5D interpolation; it has Gantry synchronization function; it has temperature compensation function; it has curve pointer compensation function, It can realize the head-down compensation of the T-type machine tool; the system contains spline interpolation function, and NURB curve (non-uniform rational B-spline) is also integrated in the system; the hard disk workpiece program storage area can reach 40MB, which can basically meet any mold processing Program; the standard system software contains two types of settings for the main method of the car and the milling machine system; it has the PC function, which can debug the PLC program online; provides OEM for use, debugging and maintenance; can control the SIMOD-RIVE611A/D (Quantity) Two types of input/output can adopt DMP (distributed machine tool peripherals) structure to simplify wiring and save space in the control cabinet; machine data, PLC programs and machining workpiece programs can all be backed up on the hard disk of MMC. When the battery is powered off, it can easily restore the operation of the machine tool; the system contains three CPU boards: MM-CPU (face communication) analysis, NC-CPU board, PLC-CPU NC-CPU can also use CPU386 or CPU486, enjoy storage Up to 8MB can be up and down, the PLC-CPU is S5-135WB2 or S5-135WD-CPU, and the CPU80C186 is used; it can be networked with other systems.