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NEXCOM Vehicle Integrated Computer for Logistics Service

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NEXCOM’s vehicle-mounted integrated computer VMC 3000 can be used in oil tankers on mining sites to optimize mining logistics services by managing its fluctuating working conditions. Drivers and dispatchers can receive and share relevant orders, vehicle conditions, traffic and weather conditions in real time, so mining logistics services can deliver the required materials to specific mining sites in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Drivers often have to transport water, sand and chemical products to mining sites, and this journey requires a total tracking system. NEXCOM VMC 3000 vehicle integrated computer is used in this tracking system. In this system, drivers can communicate directly with dispatchers to take the shortest and fastest route, receive new tasks, print shipping documents, check vehicle status and compartment volume, and achieve real-time monitoring to prevent material leakage and timely Keep track of the weather.

At the same time, dispatchers can also see this information, can track vehicles, determine the location of goods; assign new orders to corresponding drivers; and update order reports; remotely adjust the traffic conditions at the mining site; Check and provide assistance. In addition, the total tracking system can also be integrated into dashboards and cameras for drivers to monitor traffic conditions and send surveillance video to dispatch centers.

Based on this information, this total tracking system reduces fuel consumption and shortens transportation times, greatly optimizing extraction logistics services. At the same time, in view of daily operation monitoring, drivers are more compliant with traffic laws and driving safety is greatly improved; remote traffic signal management system replaces on-site vehicle management; and drivers are prepared for weather conditions at different altitudes.

This total tracking system is completed by NEXCOM’s vehicle-mounted integrated computer VMC 3000 and Red Dog logistics software. The VMC 3000 is a rugged computer with a 10.4″ touch screen, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, and rich I/O interfaces. This rugged design for heavy industrial applications has been approved by Red Dog Logistics. Highly recognized, it not only lays a solid foundation for vehicle data recording, location function services, communications, video storage; when connected with peripherals such as thermal printers, cameras, tank measurement sensors, and RFID readers for drive landings , the entire machine compartment is kept neat and orderly.

Combined with the RedDog Logistics software, which includes a user interface, web-based backend server and associated databases, the data collected by the VMC 3000 can be converted into aggregated reports to help extract logistics services into more efficient routes.

About Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics is a logistics company located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA, established in the spring of 2012. The principals of the company have many years of experience in different areas of oil, natural gas extraction, data processing and logistics management. The company’s cargo tracking system integrates the billing system, which saves time and reduces labor costs, providing the fastest and most efficient delivery path for goods. Customer Service and Sales: 570-404-7889; Technical Support: 570-404-9494; Website: www.reddoglogistics.com


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