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Nexperia Launches New Trench Schottky Rectifiers Aiming to Improve Efficiency for Fast Switching Applications

Posted by: Yoyokuo 2022-09-11 Comments Off on Nexperia Launches New Trench Schottky Rectifiers Aiming to Improve Efficiency for Fast Switching Applications

May 10, 2021: Nexperia, a specialist in basic semiconductor devices, announces the expansion of its Trench Schottky rectifier portfolio with new devices rated up to 100 V and 20 A, respectively, offering outstanding switching performance and leading thermal performance. The new devices are housed in Nexperia’s Clip-on FlatPower (CFP) package with a much smaller footprint than SMA/SMB/SMC devices.

The Trench process can significantly reduce the Qrr charge stored in the device while reducing leakage current. As a result, Trench Schottky rectifiers can achieve ultra-fast switching speeds, reducing both the switching losses of the rectifier and the losses caused by the MOSFETs in the same commutation unit (this configuration is often used in asynchronous switch-mode power converters). Nexperia’s PMEGxxxTx devices also offer a wide safe operating area (SOA), which provides a larger safety margin and reduces the risk of thermal runaway compared to currently available devices.

“Nexperia’s Trench Schottky rectifiers combine the benefits of forward voltage drop with extremely low Qrr to achieve optimum efficiency while delivering the high switching speeds required for switch-mode power converters,” said Jan Fischer, Product Manager at Nexperia. .Many automotive applications, including LED lighting, will benefit from the wide safe working area provided by our devices.”

Nexperia is increasing its investment in the Trench Schottky rectifier product portfolio, with 31 devices currently in volume production, covering the 40 V to 100 V and up to 15 A rated range. An additional 17 devices, including several 20 A devices, are under sample evaluation. PMEGxxxTx devices are available in a clip-on FlatPower package (CFP3/5/15(B)). Space-saving and thermally efficient, this package has become the industry standard for power diodes. The clip-on FlatPower package features a solid copper clip that reduces thermal resistance and better conducts heat to the surrounding environment, enabling smaller, more compact PCBs.

For more details, including data sheets, see www.nexperia.com/trench-schottky-rectifiers.

About Nexperia

Nexperia, a specialist in the production of high-volume basic semiconductor devices, is used in a wide variety of Electronic designs around the world. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes diodes, bipolar transistors, ESD protection devices, MOSFET devices, gallium nitride field effect transistors (GaN FETs), as well as analog and logic ICs. Headquartered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Nexperia delivers more than 90 billion products a year that meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry. Its products are widely recognized by the industry in terms of efficiency (such as process, size, power and performance), and have advanced small-scale packaging technology, which can effectively save power consumption and space.

With decades of professional experience, Nexperia continues to provide efficient products and services to high-quality companies around the world, and has more than 12,000 employees in Asia, Europe and the United States. Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology Co., Ltd. (600745.SS), has a large intellectual property portfolio and is IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

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