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Revolving parts with complex surface shapes of CNC lathes

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Because the cnc lathe has linear and circular interpolation functions. Therefore, it is possible to revoke any complex shape of the rotating parts composed of straight lines and curves. The curve of Lunlang can be described by mathematical equations or the list curve. For parts composed of straight lines or arcs, Luanlang directly uses the straight lines or arcs of the machine tool. Interpolation function. For parts composed of non-elementary curves, Lunlang should be closed with a straight line or arc first, and then use the linear or arc interpolation function to perform interpolation cutting.
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Turning with a c-axis and a power tool head gives you a center that can process disks or shaft parts with keyways or mirrored holes or cross-sections with distributed gaps and curved surfaces, such as bushings with hair blue disks. Keyways or square-headed shaft parts and other such parts can be clamped in one time on the turning machining center to complete ordinary
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Ordinary lathe Suneng has limited thread types. It can only turn the metric thread of the cone with the same lead value. And a lathe can only give you several kinds of Daocheng and CNC lathes have small lead values ​​of various lights. Internal thread and cross-section internal thread can also be turned to increase lead and require Daocheng and variant Cheng Zhijian’s smooth and decisive thread and high-precision screw part data to synthesize small thread. Spindle line does not need to be alternately changed like ordinary lathes. It can be continuous. The cutting is known to be completed, so the efficiency of turning the thread is very high. The CNC lathe is equipped with a drop compensation function. In addition to the use of hard use and Jincheng-shaped inserts and the use of higher speeds, the turning precision of the thread is high and the surface roughness value is small.