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Seizing New Opportunities, Mouser Electronics Sponsors 2020 ELEXCON Shenzhen Electronics Show

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September 1, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, announced that it will sponsor the ELEXCON Electronics Show and 5G Global Conference (China Station). This exhibition will be held in Halls 9 and 11 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an) from September 9 to 11, and 15 summit forums with different themes will be held at the same time to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, focusing on technology, application , market and investment opportunities, aiming at industry technology hotspots and industry pain points, creating a diversified in-depth discussion platform for the on-site professional audience, and accelerating the innovation, breakthrough, transformation and upgrading of the electronic information industry.

In recent years, the application of 5G has made the interconnection of everything more and more closely, and has also brought great convenience and efficiency to people’s lives. Compared with previous generations of mobile networks, 5G has higher transmission rates and lower network delays, which can not only meet the growing demand for mobile resources, but also have different applications in many fields such as industrial manufacturing, mobile communications, and the Internet of Things. The degree of penetration also drives the development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and effectively promotes the improvement of the overall economy. With the country’s vigorous advocacy for new infrastructure, local governments have also issued policies to promote the development of the 5G industry. The holding of this year’s ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition is a combination of Shenzhen’s open and vibrant industrial advantages, keeping pace with the rapid development of China’s electronics industry. . At that time, the conference will gather many industry manufacturers, professionals and media organizations to participate in the exhibition, from 5G, IoT, MCU embedded technology, FPGA technology, key technology of TWS headset, AR/VR cross-border integration, AI, smart car, intelligent network connection In many popular fields such as transportation, the products, technologies and solutions related to the semiconductor industry are fully displayed to the audience inside and outside the venue. Mouser Electronics, as a distributor of electronic components, pays great attention to the content of this exhibition, and has fully sponsored and participated in the exhibition to fully support the development of the electronic information industry.

Jiping Tian, ​​Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “The content of this ELEXCON Electronics Show and 5G Global Conference seems to be very rich, not only involving all aspects of the electronics industry chain, but also industry hotspots and resource advantages. Fully integrated, it deeply reflects the trend and charm of cross-border integration. Through the comprehensive acceleration of 5G commercial layout in Shenzhen Greater Bay Area, we see that the leading technology represented by 5G is driving the development of thousands of industries, and the electronics industry is also Simultaneously ushering in a new round of changes. With the gradual expansion of the scale of 5G construction, the overall demand for semiconductors will continue to rise. As a distributor of electronic components, Mouser Electronics maintains close cooperation with more than 800 original factories around the world, and insists on introducing authorized products. With a market distribution strategy of small batches, we can quickly provide new products and new technologies for engineers and purchasers, and help speed up product development and launch, thus effectively coordinating and driving the development of the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry. During the exhibition, we will also further communicate with industry insiders. Maintain communication, strengthen observation of industry trends, tap changing market demands, increase cooperation in more fields, and be ready for future opportunities at any time.”

Mouser Electronics has a rich product line and considerate customer service, and actively introduces new technologies and new products to meet the various needs of design engineers and purchasers. We stock a vast inventory of new electronic components to support our customers’ next-generation design projects. The Mouser website Mouser.cn not only has a variety of advanced search tools to help users quickly understand product availability, but the website is continuously updated to continuously optimize the user experience. In addition, the Mouser website provides a wealth of resources such as data sheets, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

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