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Shanghai Bell’s intelligent VPN solution leads the new trend of enterprise business

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With the continuous deepening of operators’ network and business transformation, telecom enterprises have transformed from simple pipe providers to smart pipe providers, and have increasingly sought to occupy a higher position in the value chain. On March 24th, Shanghai Bell” title=”Shanghai Bell”> Shanghai Bell 2011 9th “Smart Optical Network New Business Forum” and the first “Smart IP New Business Forum”, Shanghai Bell launched an innovative Smart VPN” title=”VPN”>VPN solution provides a new tool for operators to expand enterprise product series and expand enterprise customers more cost-effectively.

Enterprise network transformation calls for intelligence

With the continuous increase of applications on the enterprise network, enterprises have higher requirements for the provision of key business applications. Related enterprise market research shows that the top priority of 87% of current IT leaders is to achieve consistent end-to-end application performance and experience, and 83% of IT leaders do not know which applications are running on their network. 84% of IT leaders are under a lot of pressure to maximize existing network resources and control costs. To put it simply, to meet the requirements of the above-mentioned IT person in charge, it is necessary to monitor the applications in the VPN on the WAN side and adjust the occupancy of network resources by the applications in real time.

A recent survey of 150 companies in Europe and the US by Ovum Research shows that, including small, medium and large companies. The study focused on delivering enhanced hosting services by optimizing the WAN, with a particular focus on what business improvements companies are willing to pay for. 30% of enterprises declare that they are willing to pay extra to improve the quality of service of key enterprise applications, 27% of enterprises have paid extra to optimize bandwidth utilization and validate bandwidth upgrades, and 20% of enterprises are willing to pay extra for consulting services , to monitor application performance, obtain application status reports, and obtain solutions from operators to improve application performance. This study shows that both the “willing to pay” and “probably willing to pay” groups are very large, and the market potential is huge.

It can also be seen from Ovum’s research projects that in terms of ensuring key applications of enterprises, the first priority of enterprises is to improve the quality of service (QoS) to ensure the performance of key business applications. Specific functional requirements can be subdivided into application identification, problem analysis, and traffic optimization; secondly, enterprises hope to improve the ability to optimize bandwidth through traffic analysis, that is, bandwidth planning and policy optimization.

It is not difficult to see that enterprise networks are facing intelligent transformation. These enterprise network requirements also provide new opportunities for operators to expand the enterprise market.

Shanghai Bell Smart VPN Solution Helps Enterprise Network Transformation

With the continuous innovation of products, Shanghai Bell launched intelligent VPN solutions in a timely manner to help enterprise IT leaders understand the applications on the enterprise network, and plan network service requirements such as bandwidth in advance according to the requirements of key applications, so as to maximize the use of existing There are network resources to achieve cost control.

Shanghai Bell’s smart VPN solution includes a dedicated application-assured multi-service adapter card (MS-ISA), which is a comprehensive resource processing adapter that can be directly applied to existing 7750SR and 7450ESS devices and supports hot swapping . It utilizes stateful application identification and management technology to realize dynamic service-based, site-based and application-based QoS policy control. Providing network and business management for this solution is the 5620SAM and 5670 RAM products, which have query and analysis capabilities, provide portal services for enterprises, and seamlessly integrate different network, business and policy management applications.

The focus of this solution is to free enterprise users from understanding the complex operator network by providing key measures for WAN optimization at the edge of the operator’s network, and to easily use the network and service management tools provided by Bell Shanghai to understand the network on the enterprise network. Application situation and provide assurance for key applications, so as to ultimately meet the needs of the above-mentioned enterprise users.

Relying on Shanghai Bell’s intelligent VPN solution, operators can provide more advanced services for enterprise users. Shanghai Bell’s intelligent VPN solution unifies all management tools in the solution and provides a unique interface to enterprise users, so that enterprise users do not need to know the specific conditions of the operator’s complex network but focus on the business capabilities that the WAN can provide. Includes enterprise application statistics reporting, application performance optimization, as well as bandwidth optimization and capacity planning.

Shanghai Bell’s solution also supports long-term data analysis, using 5670RAM to generate WAN resource usage trend reports spanning months or even years. These types of reports allow enterprise IT departments to see how their needs have changed over time, increasing the accuracy of forecasting future demand.

Shanghai Bell Smart VPN Solution Shows Unique Advantages

At present, there are some VPN optimization solutions on the market. Compared with these solutions, Shanghai Bell’s smart VPN solution has two advantages:

Provides real-time application assurance

The key of Shanghai Bell’s intelligent VPN solution is to transform the operator’s network from a service-aware network to an application-aware network. This transition can provide operators with more products for enterprise applications, and also help operators transform from a pipeline provider for enterprise services to a provider of pipeline and enterprise application intelligence.

There are some key performance differences between Application Assurance and previous Business Assurance. Key features of Application Assurance VPN include: per-application identification; application-based reporting, including application traffic profile, problem identification, and localization; application assurance, including application-based tuning to optimize application performance; application protection, including Traffic and control allow access to applications running on the VPN.

Network-based WAN service optimization

The existing WAN service optimization solution is to place the service control and optimization equipment inside the enterprise, and prevent a CPE device from analyzing traffic and providing analysis reports at each office location. This solution requires the maintenance of point-to-point connections between various office locations, which not only requires enterprises to purchase CPE equipment, but also increases the maintenance workload of the IT department.

Shanghai Bell’s intelligent VPN solution is a network-based WAN service optimization solution. By integrating the application assurance function on the PE node, enterprises can use the capabilities of the telecommunications network instead of purchasing equipment themselves, saving enterprises investment in fixed assets and IT manpower investment.

Integrating enterprise VPN services and WAN optimization intelligence on the service edge of the network is more in line with the expectations of enterprise users. The core of this solution is to introduce Shanghai Bell’s long-term WAN optimization technology and experience into service routers and service switches, and cooperate with service management tools to simplify the network and service management capabilities of application-aware networks and provide them to operators and other operators. Business users.

To sum up, it is not difficult to see that Shanghai Bell’s intelligent VPN solution more precisely caters to the business needs of enterprise IT departments to keep pace with the times. Providers, occupying a higher position in the value chain. At present, this solution has been accepted by many mainstream operators and deployed on the networks of Vodafone, GTS, NTT, PT Telkom and other operators.

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