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Shenzhen plans to accelerate the high-quality development of the 5G entire industry chain and promote 5G to empower various industries

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On April 27, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology drafted the “Several Measures for Shenzhen to Accelerate the High-quality Development of the 5G Whole Industry Chain” (Draft for Public Comments), and publicly solicited comments before May 26. The purpose is to firmly grasp the strategic opportunities of 5G development, effectively implement the work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on the “chain length system” of key industrial chains, implement the project of “strengthening the chain, supplementing the chain and extending the chain”, expanding the scale of the 5G industry, and promoting 5G Empower various industries and build Shenzhen into a model city with a leading 5G industry scale, a complete industrial chain and application innovation.

The main points are as follows:

1. Expand the scale of the 5G industry

1. Build a world-class 5G industrial cluster. Taking the country’s cultivation of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters as an opportunity to support cluster promotion agencies to improve the industrial chain, networked collaborative innovation, and strengthen international cooperation and other means, increase investment in 5G clusters, and have a positive impact on winning the title of national advanced manufacturing cluster. For the cluster promotion agencies, a maximum of 1:1 matching funding will be given according to the funds allocated by the state. Encourage the park to gather the 5G industry chain, use 5G to improve management and service levels, and identify and cultivate a group of 5G specialized industrial parks that develop in dislocation and promote each other; 30% of the actual investment in new software and hardware in the park will be subsidized, with a maximum of 50 million yuan.

2. Give full play to the leading role of 5G leading enterprises. Implement the 5G pilot enterprise cultivation project, and identify 5G enterprises with an annual output value of not less than 10 billion yuan as pilot enterprises and provide key support. Support all districts (new districts) to transfer large areas of contiguous land to pilot companies and encourage them to carry out unified planning and management of industrial space. On the premise of keeping the nature and use of the land unchanged, they are allowed to transfer no more than 20% of their own land. The right to use construction land and buildings are transferred to the core supporting enterprises, allowing them to lease no more than 30% of the construction area to the core supporting enterprises, and clearly stipulate the lease area ratio, rent standard, lease object and breach of contract measures in the industrial development supervision agreement.

3. Enhance the professional advantages of 5G enterprises. Encourage enterprises to deepen their 5G subdivisions and enhance their professional capabilities. For those who have won the national “single champion” demonstration enterprise and “single champion” 5G product titles, on the basis of one-time rewards of 3 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively, 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan will be awarded. For national, provincial and municipal specialised and new “little giant” 5G enterprises, a one-time reward of 1 million, 50 and 200,000 yuan will be given respectively.

4. Encourage 5G enterprises to increase their investment in Shenzhen. Support enterprises to keep their new production capacity in our city as a priority. For 5G enterprises whose new investment in Shenzhen exceeds RMB 100 million, they will be rewarded at 10% of the actual investment in the first year of the project, with a maximum reward of RMB 10 million. Combined with the advantages of 5G subdivisions in various districts, the projects will be prioritized in areas that can better meet the needs of enterprises. If the jurisdiction cannot be solved, they will be reported to the city’s 5G industry chain work special class for overall arrangement. The city’s major 5G projects recognized by the state and the province will be supported by 1:1 according to the amount of support from the state and the province.

5. Encourage enterprises to participate in the centralized procurement of telecom operators. For 5G core equipment and application scenarios such as small base stations and micro base stations, high-end optical communication products, and network products produced by local enterprises that have entered the centralized procurement directory of telecom enterprises for the first time, and the annual sales amount reaches 50 million yuan, a one-time 5 million yuan will be given. Funded.

2. Promote the 5G industry chain to strengthen the chain and complement the chain

6. Implement precise investment promotion in the industrial chain. Focusing on key and missing links in the industrial chain such as 5G baseband chips, optical communication chips, and RF front-end devices, targeted investment promotion will be carried out to complement and strengthen the shortcomings of basic materials and core components. The newly introduced key enterprises will be given preferential policy support with reference to the headquarters enterprises, and will be included in the scope of the city leaders’ hanging service enterprises. Support chain main enterprises to introduce their core supporting enterprises to set up R&D and production in Shenzhen, and give a reward of 1 million yuan for each successful introduction of an enterprise to settle in Shenzhen.

7. Focus on breakthroughs in 5G network equipment chips. Encourage enterprises to carry out technical research on key 5G components and chips such as base station baseband chips, base station radio frequency chips, optical communication chips, server CPUs, server memory chips, etc., and strive to achieve independent and controllable localization of 5G network equipment chips. Support enterprises to participate in 5G network equipment chip technology research on surface, key and major projects, and the maximum funding amount should not exceed 5 million, 10 million, and 30 million respectively. For 5G terminal (complete machine) enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan that purchase 5G chips in our city, the first batch of orders for this type of 5G chip will be subsidized by 40% of the purchase cost for 5G terminal (complete machine) enterprises, the highest not more than 5 million yuan.

8. Support the R&D and industrialization of 5G key component technologies. Encourage enterprises to carry out technology research and development around 5G key components such as circuit components, connection components, sensing components, optical communication components, etc., and the amount of funding for enterprises to participate in 5G key component technology research on surface, key and major projects The maximum number is no more than 5 million, 10 million, and 30 million respectively. Support component companies to invest in major industrialization projects, and provide subsidies according to 30% of the total project investment, with a maximum of 30 million yuan.

9. Promote large-scale industrial application of 5G modules. Support module manufacturers to carry out customized production according to the specific needs of different 5G application scenarios, support industrial Internet, smart medical, wearable devices and other pan-terminal scale applications, and subsidize 30% of the total project investment, with a maximum of 10 million yuan. 5G application terminal enterprises are encouraged to apply 5G modules on a large scale. For enterprises whose annual 5G module purchase amount exceeds 10 million yuan, subsidies will be given at 30% of the purchase cost, up to a maximum of 50 million yuan.

10. Promote the innovation and popularization of 5G terminals. Encourage enterprises to promote the research and development of multi-modal and multi-functional 5G terminals that integrate new technologies such as AI, VR, and ultra-high-definition, accelerate the improvement of 5G terminal equipment performance and application maturity, and accelerate the promotion of 5G industry-level terminals in industrial Internet, medical care, education, ultra-high-definition The production and broadcasting, Internet of Vehicles and other fields are implemented, and a batch of 5G innovative terminals is selected every year and awarded according to 20% of their sales, with a maximum of 10 million yuan. Enterprises are encouraged to increase investment in research and development, enrich the series of 5G application products, and for products that have obtained the type approval certificate of radio transmission equipment and have been put on record for the sale of radio transmission equipment, a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for a single type of product, and a maximum of 200,000 yuan for a single enterprise. Support 5G terminal equipment enterprises to give full play to their advantages, use market-oriented means to drive the development of core technology enterprises such as semiconductor materials, chip manufacturing, key components and modules, and create a platform-based terminal industry ecosystem that integrates upstream and downstream.

11. Start the reserve of cutting-edge technologies such as 6G. Support enterprises, universities and research institutes to start research and experiments on the sixth-generation mobile communication (6G) related technologies, make forward-looking layout, and occupy the high points of international mobile communication standards and spectrum strategies in advance, and form a “generation of use, generation of research, and generation of reserve”. Sustainable R&D echelon.

3. Build a good 5G industrial ecosystem

12. Support the widespread deployment of 5G in the manufacturing sector. Support enterprises to use 5G technology to carry out digital, networked and intelligent transformation of manufacturing equipment, plant parks and management methods, and complete technological transformation projects with an actual transformation investment (including equipment, purchased technology and software investment) of more than 10 million yuan , and grant it a subsidy of 50% of the actual investment amount, up to a maximum of 50 million yuan.

13. Build a 5G industry support platform. Focus on cultivating research institutes such as Shenzhen Future Communication Medium and High Frequency Device Manufacturing Innovation Center, Shenzhen Third Generation Semiconductor Research Institute, BRICS Future Network Research Institute, Pengcheng Laboratory, South Branch of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and build 5G product certification , application testing, network performance testing, industry testing and analysis and other public services and testing platforms. Support 5G leading enterprises to join forces with upstream and downstream suppliers, scientific research institutes and other social forces to establish a common technology research and development platform, provide services such as EDA tool rental, trial verification, simulation and testing, multi-project wafer processing, IP core library, etc., to meet the common needs of enterprises . Support telecom, mobile, China Unicom and radio and television operators to build a 5G industry exchange and cooperation platform, break through the barriers between equipment vendors, application vendors and application scenarios, form a good industrial ecology, and give platform operation and construction costs 40% of the actual investment, The maximum subsidy does not exceed 20 million yuan.

14. Accelerate the formulation of industry norms and standards. Encourage local enterprises to initiate the establishment of international standards organizations, introduce key international standards organizations to settle in our city, and enhance our city’s 5G international status. Encourage operators and vertical application companies to develop key standards, formulate more detailed technical specifications and industrial standards for typical application scenarios such as intelligent connected vehicles, 5G + industrial Internet, 5G + ultra-high-definition video, 5G + smart energy, and 5G + ports, and promote national standards , industry standards, group standards, and 5G application scenarios can be replicated. For those who lead the formulation of international standards and national standards, a subsidy of no more than 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan will be given respectively; for those who lead the revision of international standards, a subsidy of up to 400,000 yuan will be given; The maximum subsidy is not more than 500,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan; for those participating in the revision of international standards, a subsidy of not more than 200,000 yuan will be given according to the project.

15. Optimize 5G network to improve energy efficiency. Encourage telecom operators to speed up the improvement of 5G network quality, and give telecom operators 2% of the new investment in 5G network construction each year, up to a maximum of 30 million subsidy. Operators are encouraged to strengthen the connection with vertical industry enterprises, and focus on the needs of users in specific industries such as ports, power grids, emergency response, industrial parks, etc., to build higher reliability, lower latency jitter, higher integration, and stronger operating environment adaptability. Industry-specific network. Operators are encouraged to provide SMEs with on-demand rapid deployment of 5G networks, and promote 5G to empower SMEs. Coordinate the layout of data center construction and application positioning, and promote energy efficiency improvement in emerging fields such as 5G and big data centers.

4. Create a model city for 5G industry applications

16. Encourage vertical industries to explore new models of 5G+ industries. Support enterprises to deepen the integrated applications of 5G+ intelligent connected vehicles, smart ports, smart grids and other industries, and empower new kinetic energy in vertical industries; support enterprises to promote information services and consumer industries such as 5G+ ultra-high-definition video, 5G+AR/VR, 5G+ smart terminals, etc. Create a new life experience for residents; support smart education, smart medical care, smart transportation and other fields to use 5G, AI and other new technologies to promote the construction of smart cities and digital governments. A number of industry benchmarking demonstration projects are identified every year, and 50% of the total project investment will be subsidized, with a maximum of 10 million yuan.

17. Vigorously expand the application scenarios of “5G + Industrial Internet”. Deepen the integrated development of “5G+Industrial Internet”, accelerate the penetration of “5G+Industrial Internet” from auxiliary links to core production links, and develop application types from large bandwidth to multi-type, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Encourage enterprises to carry out “5G + Industrial Internet” technical standard research, integrated product research and development and industrial production, and support no more than 50% of the total project investment, with a maximum subsidy of 10 million yuan for a single project.

18. Vigorously promote the “5G + multi-functional smart pole” innovative scenario application demonstration and technology integration innovation. Encourage the use of multi-functional smart poles combined with 5G technology to enable smart transportation, emergency security, ecological monitoring, epidemic prevention and control, smart energy and other fields, and subsidy 30% of the project investment, with a maximum of 5 million yuan for a single project.

19. Cultivate 5G solution integrators. Encourage enterprises to build 5G open source platforms, promote 5G open source code sharing, and promote the rapid development of 5G applications. Support telecom operators, information software service providers, equipment manufacturers, and leading enterprises in the industry to increase the in-depth development of 5G applications in this industry and field, form standardized, customizable, and replicable modules, and provide 5G system integration services for enterprises or professional services. 20% of the sales of the service plan, with a maximum reward of 10 million yuan.

20. Support the development of international markets. Support 5G leading companies to accelerate the promotion and popularization of 5G applications in the global market through the product and service advantages of 5G CPE, 5G modules and other products and solutions. Include 5G innovative products and applications in the Shenzhen Technology Innovation Product Catalogue, the first (set) of major technical equipment, the first batch of new materials, and the first software version of the promotion and application guidance catalogue, and no more than 30% of the total actual product sales will be given to the research and development unit. , the maximum reward is 10 million yuan. Make full use of 5G, VR/AR, big data and other modern information technologies, use online exhibitions, e-commerce platforms and other channels to explore the international market, and promote the integration of industries, markets, and innovations empowered by 5G.

21. Support the holding of various high-end activities and events in the 5G field. Support government departments, enterprises, universities and other social organizations to hold 5G-related exhibitions, forums and events with international influence and industry driving force, with a maximum financial support of 10 million; for important events and events approved by the municipal government, according to the municipal government The approved funding amount is supported. A one-time reward of RMB 3 million, RMB 1 million and RMB 500,000 will be given to the projects that enterprises in our city participate in the “Blooming Cup” and win the first prize, second prize and third prize respectively. Actively promote global communication organizations such as the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group to hold summits, forums and other activities in Shenzhen.

V. Safeguards

22. Establish and improve the long-term and long-term working mechanism of 5G chain. A special class for 5G industry chain work in our city has been established. The main leaders of the municipal government are the chain leaders. member unit. The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as a special class office, regularly holds 5G chain length special meetings to inform the implementation of key tasks of each unit, and coordinate and solve the key common problems and major issues of 5G industry development across regions, fields and departments. Implement the “list system” rolling management for key enterprises in the 5G industry chain, promote the chain leader and various departments to conduct regular surveys on the listed companies in the 5G industry chain, and implement a “green channel” for the companies in the list to solve their difficult problems and needs in a short, smooth and fast way. .

23. Strengthen institutional innovation. Strive for the authorized support of the state, and conduct first trials in R&D and application links such as low-altitude airspace opening, automatic driving road testing, and frequency use of IoT equipment. Optimize the existing talent identification system, and support chain-owner enterprises to independently identify high-level talents and talents in short supply in key 5G technology fields. Optimize the approval process for 5G government affairs projects, which can be implemented after being reviewed by the Municipal Affairs Service Data Administration and reported to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission for recordation. Explore to meet the needs of 5G chain main enterprises, and set up a considerable and controllable international industry and standards organization that is mature and can be started immediately. Implement a prudent and inclusive attitude towards new businesses, new formats and new models, and create an external environment conducive to technological innovation and product application.

24. Increase financial security. Give full play to the role of municipal special funds, and invest 1 billion yuan each year for five consecutive years to support the development of the city’s 5G industry. Give full play to the guiding role of government funds such as municipal government investment guidance funds, state-owned assets reform and strategic development funds, and infrastructure investment funds. Support social capital to initiate the establishment of a 5G industry development fund of 10 billion yuan, and increase investment in enterprises related to the 5G industry chain in our city. Support and introduce qualified upstream and downstream enterprises in the 5G industry to go public in Shenzhen, and raise funds by issuing stocks, bonds and other methods. Provide coordination services for domestic and overseas listing of enterprises.

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