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SK hynix deeply develops the Chinese market and gives back to the region with social value

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SK hynix, the world’s leading semiconductor company, has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than ten years. After years of in-depth development, SK hynix has continuously increased its investment in the Chinese market and penetrated into the Chinese “core” field. In recent years, SK hynix has been actively creating a work system that places equal emphasis on economic value and social value, and firmly believes that a clean and safe environment is the basic need of human beings, and it is also the responsibility of every member of society to the next generation. Based on this core value, SK hynix has made continuous efforts in green production, community welfare, etc., and actively participated in major domestic exhibitions including the China International Import Expo, and maintained good cooperative relations with various regions in China. The concept of “Technology” has been promoted to various regions, leading the industry in green innovation and technology.

Actively dig deep into the Chinese market and go deep into the “core” field

SK hynix has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than ten years. As of 2020, SK hynix has invested more than 20 billion US dollars in China, and completed the construction of the second factory C2F in 2019. At the beginning of this year, SK hynix officially signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Dalian Municipal People’s Government and the Dalian Jinpu New Area Management Committee through video. The two parties will work together to make more new contributions to the development of Dalian. In October 2021, the Wuxi China-Korea Integrated Circuit Industrial Park, with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan, was jointly funded and constructed by Xinfa Group in Wuxi High-tech Zone and SK Hynix. A comprehensive industrial innovation park with highly integrated development.

SK hynix signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Dalian Municipal People’s Government and the Dalian Jinpu New Area Management Committee (from left to right: Lu Zhongyuan, chief vice president of SK hynix; Lu Dongsheng, party worker of Jinpu New Area) Committee Member, Deputy Director of the Management Committee; Jin Guowei, Deputy Mayor of Dalian Municipal People’s Government)

Leading green innovation technology and promoting green production

In October 2020, SK hynix announced its “Financial Story”, which aims to continue to create social value while consolidating its competitiveness based on the two major businesses of DRAM and NAND flash memory. In January 2021, the company proposed the “Green 2030” project based on social value 2030, and is committed to achieving five goals by 2030: establishing RE100-related goals achievable by 2030 (and realizing RE100 commitments by 2050); Achieve carbon neutrality; achieve zero new air pollutant emissions; obtain Zero Waste To Landfill (ZWTL) gold certification at global production sites; increase water conservation by 300%.

At present, SK hynix has begun to promote the “Green 2030” environmental protection project, and has achieved phased progress in some core links.

Caring for local people’s livelihood and welfare, building a happy community

As a company with corporate social value as its core business, SK hynix also cares about the people’s livelihood and social welfare in its region. In the field of healthcare, SK hynix plans to invest US$600 million to open a general hospital in Wuxi with a future medical department and system by the end of 2023. SK hynix also pays close attention to basic education in the regional market. SK hynix invested USD 50 million in Wuxi to build an international high-end private school – Wuxi SK hynix Foreign Language Primary School.

On November 5th, the 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”) officially kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), and SK hynix appeared in the technical equipment exhibition area of ​​the 4th CIIE. In this exhibition, SK hynix not only highlighted the industry-leading scientific and technological achievements, but also fully demonstrated the company’s development history in the Chinese market for many years. On the Display wall of “SK HYNIX IN CHINA”, the audience can intuitively feel the efforts and determination of SK hynix in cultivating the Chinese market for more than ten years, and can directly understand the honors the company has won for practicing social value in China.

In the SK hynix booth, the slogan “We Do Green Technology” can be seen everywhere, and there is an exclusive section to show SK hynix’s efforts and persistence in environmental protection.

At the scene, the SK hynix booth attracted professional visitors and partners from all over the world. Many of the audience said that this year’s SK hynix booth left a deep impression on them, not only because of SK hynix’s technological leadership and innovation, but also because of SK hynix’s business philosophy of attaching importance to social value.

During the period, the SK hynix booth also welcomed Zhao Jianjun, the acting mayor of Wuxi City, to visit in person, to learn about the company’s investment and development, business development, technological innovation, and product research and development in Wuxi. Over the years, SK hynix has been able to further develop in China thanks to the strong support of Wuxi City. In the future, SK hynix will continue this friendship, continue to cultivate Wuxi, give back to Wuxi, and practice corporate social value with green technology.

Zhao Jianjun (second from left), acting mayor of Wuxi, visited the SK hynix booth accompanied by Zheng Yintai (first from left), vice president of SK hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd.

“The CIIE is an excellent platform for companies, and we are honored to be able to participate in it, showcasing SK hynix’s leading technology to the Chinese market, customers and consumers, and at the same time using our technology to benefit the society and community where we are located. Zheng Yintai, vice president of SK hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd., said, “SK hynix has been developing in China for more than ten years. We are fortunate to experience China’s development and growth, and feel the openness and inclusiveness of the market. , and grow together with it. The Chinese market occupies an important position in SK hynix’s global strategy, and we also look forward to continuing to take root here, practicing SK hynix’s corporate social value, and creating more happiness for Chinese society.”

With the further opening and integration of the Chinese market, new opportunities continue to emerge. SK hynix closely follows the opportunities of the new era, upholds the commitment and vision of symbiosis and co-prosperity with the Chinese market, continues to deepen the Chinese market, and promotes green technology and green production in the semiconductor field. At the same time, SK hynix will continue to cooperate with the work of the Chinese government, looking forward to the smooth progress of the acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash memory business, and to jointly create a “new era” in the global technology semiconductor field with the Chinese market and share a “new future”.

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