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Tencent Smart Microscope was approved for clinical application, becoming the first in China

Posted by: Yoyokuo 2022-01-13 Comments Off on Tencent Smart Microscope was approved for clinical application, becoming the first in China

Recently, the first smart microscope manufactured by Tencent breaks the traditional limitations, can analyze the results in multiple fields, and has obtained the registration certificate issued by NMPA, becoming China’s first smart microscope approved for clinical application in hospitals.

The traditional microscope has a small field of view, and the doctor can only see a small part of the slice from the eyepiece at a time. It is necessary to manually switch multiple fields of view and associate them to obtain an overall diagnosis. Moreover, doctors need to rely on experience to identify and judge diseased tissues, and estimate the number and proportion of cells. Finally, making a diagnosis consumes a lot of work energy, and the results are difficult to be accurate and consistent. Misdiagnosis and misjudgment can cause serious consequences for the patient’s treatment.

And Tencent’s smart microscope can record analysis results under multiple fields of view, and finally gives a global statistics. It can identify and distinguish similar cells by providing accurate quantitative analysis, and improve the accuracy and consistency of the results. After determining the field of view, the algorithm runs immediately, and the result is quickly obtained and displayed in the microscope field of view. Tencent said that for this machine, there are actually important practical reasons: there is a serious shortage of pathologists.

According to statistics, there are currently only 15,000 pathologists in China, with a shortfall of nearly 100,000. Supply and demand are extremely imbalanced. The training of new pathologists is faced with problems such as a long period of time and the weak willingness of the younger generation to learn. Smart microscopes hope to help solve this situation.

The research and development of Tencent smart microscope started in 2018. Tencent provided AI technology, Sunny Optical Technology provided hardware research and development, and Jinyu provided pathology expertise and expert resource support.

It integrates the latest technology in pathological analysis and diagnosis, and carries out multiple product iterations for pathologists’ workflow and habits. Now supports breast cancer immunohistochemistry (IHC) Ki67 (tumor cell proliferation index), ER (estrogen receptor), PR (progesterone receptor) and Her2 (cell surface growth factor 2) commonly used nuclear staining and membrane staining Interpretation of quantitative analysis scenarios.

Tencent aims to promote the practical application of intelligent microscope systems in the future, continue to improve hardware and software, and strive to create greater value for doctors, patients and society. This will save doctors a lot of work energy, reduce misjudgment and misdiagnosis of patients, and provide accurate quantitative analysis.

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