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The composition of CNC lathes of Chinese machine tool factory

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The cnc lathe must have a CNC system and the machine tool can not be added to form a CNC system. The main program is to mention the input device. The CNC device servo system position. The mechanical components of the CNC machine tool include the main rotation system and the feed rotation. In order to meet the requirements of CNC technology and Chonggen to play the effectiveness of CNC machine tools, there are many types and models of CNC lathes. The overall structure of the operating mechanism of the component structure such as the rotating system and the tool system has been continuously improved and perfected. Get to know the function. Let’s take the Guangzhou Machine Tool Co., Ltd. full-function CNC lathe as an example. The structure and function of the title CNC lathe.
Full-featured CNC lathe Inclined high-rigidity bed suitable for high-number and powerful cutting with excellent reliability and precision retention. Spindle precision is high and rigid. It can realize stepless speed regulation and very fast cutting start and stop. Each lubrication point has an independent training device. Quantitative lubrication tattoo machine. The overall layout of the small thermal deformation machine is reasonable. It is convenient to adjust the loading and unloading of the abortion.
1 cnc numerical control system
The CNC system is used as the control panel of the system. The system has a noon function. The CNC device, the AC digital clothing feed system and the spindle AC servo system interface. The CNC system is the core part of the CNC machine tool. It mainly includes the following parts
1 Input device The numerical control machine tool is an input device that runs in accordance with the additional annual processing program on the program carrier. The function of the input device is to read the processing information in the program carrier. The modern numerical machine tool generally directly enters the part processing program through the keyboard on the numerical control device. The numerical control device or the processing program stored in the programming file and the hard disk is transmitted to the numerical control device by means of communication.
(2) Numerical control device. The numerical control device is the core of the numerical control machine tool. It completes functions such as calculation, logic, input and output control according to the input program and data. Numerical control devices are generally composed of and (or general-purpose) computers, input and output interface boards and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Among them, programmable logic controllers (PLC) are mainly used for CNC machine tools, spindle speed functions and tool functions.的同。 The same.
(3) Servo system. The servo system includes control circuits, power amplifier circuits, servo motors and other actuators. It receives various motion commands sent by the numerical control device, and drives the feed transmission system of the numerical control machine tool to move. Its servo accuracy and dynamic response are one of the main factors that affect CNC machining accuracy, surface quality and productivity.
(4) Position measurement feedback device. The function of the position measurement feedback device is to use the sensor to change the movement of the servo motor or the movement of the CNC machine tool actuator into an electrical signal, send it to Lou Xuan, and compare it with the command position, and the CNC device issues commands to correct the generated signals. The error.