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The iPhone 12 looks cool and the price is very touching, is it worth the wait?

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After entering 2020, due to the special circumstances at the beginning of this year, Apple’s new products released more and more not according to the routine, this is not just a month or two directly launched a number of new products, of course, including Noisy iPhone SE2. I believe that those who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all know that Apple’s new iPhone SE in the first half of the year was unveiled last week. Unfortunately, it does not support 5G. For those Apple fans who want 5G phones, the iPhone 12 series is what they are most looking forward to. If nothing else, the iPhone 12 series will be unveiled as Apple’s first 5G mobile phone.

The iPhone 12 looks cool and the price is very touching, is it worth the wait?

Although it is far from the release time, the popularity of the iPhone 12 has been high. Recently, foreign designer Jonas Daehnert produced a set of high-definition renderings of the iPhone 12 Pro. From the renderings, the bangs of the iPhone 12 are much smaller than the previous two generations. The back adopts the Yuba four-camera design, and the frame adopts a design similar to the iPhone 5 era, which makes the middle frame of the iPhone 12 even tougher. There is also news that the iPhone 12 Pro will abandon 2.5D glass and use flat glass.

Industry insiders speculate that the camera position of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will adopt a block-shaped design, reducing the LiDAR sensor used, the frame width to 1.55mm, and a 6.7-inch large screen (or even larger) on the front of the fuselage. , looks very cool.

Separately, Apple will include a lidar scanner in two higher-end iPhone 12 models, similar to the 2020 iPad Pro. The two high-end iPhone 12s may also have exclusive Pro Motion displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Apple already uses variable refresh rate technology in the iPad Pro, but they still use LCD panels instead of OLEDs. If the iPhone 12 can really use the Pro Motion Display, it will also be the first time Apple has adopted a high refresh rate OLED screen.

At present, 120Hz has been used on many Android devices, and the fluency is indeed much better. It is worth mentioning that the fluency of ios+60Hz exceeds Android 90Hz, and even not much different from 120Hz. Therefore, after using 120Hz on iPhone 12, it will be more Smooth and silky. Since the price of Android phones has skyrocketed, it is basically determined that the iPhone 12 will have a greater price advantage. If the starting price of the cheap version is around 6,000 yuan, then there will be a lot of pressure on the high-end Android opportunities.

The iPhone 12 looks cool and the price is very touching, is it worth the wait?

It is worth mentioning that a feature of the iPhone 12 is that the entire system supports 5G. They will use the Qualcomm 5G baseband X55. Apple is very smart and will allow the iPhone 12 to support Sub-6GHz 5G or support mmWave (mmWave) according to the situation of each country. wave) 5G. With a 4150mAh battery and upgraded 18W wired fast charging, the battery life is also appropriate, and the blessing of wireless and reverse charging functions makes it even more powerful.

As for the price that everyone cares about, the 128G version, which is currently the most popular, is predicted by the media to have a minimum of 5,888 yuan. If this is the case, it will still move people’s hearts. It can be understood that in the fierce market competition environment, Cook seems to intend to speed up product upgrades. The iPhone 12 explores the elements that users value such as full screen and new 5G on the premise of maintaining performance, which is undoubtedly a popular one. flagship.

Beyond that, the new iPhone SE and the upcoming iPhone 12, which will be released in September, mean a lot to Apple. According to the latest data, global shipments of Apple’s mobile phones may drop by 25% in the second quarter, which may be the highest quarterly decline in Apple’s history.

For the new iPhone 12 mobile phone, due to the impact of the epidemic on the supply chain, the related production structure lags behind. But Apple wants to put more production capacity on the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch models, and the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro, Apple plans to delay mass production until October.

To sum up, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 12 is expected to change in appearance, the notch on the front screen will be reduced, and in terms of hardware specifications, it will be equipped with the A14 Bionic processor and Qualcomm’s latest 5G modem “Snapdragon X 60” . Of course, the on-camera upgrade to a 64-megapixel camera. By 2021, the so-called iPhone 13 may abandon the charging interface and use the magnetic adsorption terminal currently under development for wireless charging. These are very good, but I believe that the most hope of the majority of fruit fans or ordinary iPhone users should be a new iPhone without bangs.

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