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What is the total amount of SUSHI coins issued? What is the issuance price of sushi coins?

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What is the total amount of SUSHI coins issued? In 2020, the most popular is the defi project, and uniswap is also popular due to the defi project, and it has even grown from 300 million US dollars to 1.8 billion US dollars. The funds guaranteed by uniswap are deposited in sushiswap. The relationship between sushiswap and uniswap is called imitation and copy. Investors who want to use Sushiswap must first deposit money in Uniswap. After depositing money, they can get the liquid token sushi, and then these liquid tokens will be transferred to Sushiswap. This is also the main reason for the emergence of sushi coins in the capital pool of the company. Then, how much is the total amount of SUSHI coins issued? The following coin circle editor will give you details about the total amount of SUSHI coin issuance?

What is the total amount of SUSHI coins issued?
The total amount of SUSHI coin issued is 250 million, and the current circulation is 127 million. SUSHI is the token of the Sushiswap decentralized exchange.

Sushiswap did not actually create a brand new model, it still continues the core concept of Uniswap and is still the AMM model. So Sushiswap’s token pool is roughly the same as Uniswap’s. However, Sushiswap is also different from Uniswap.

The biggest difference between the two of them is that the token economic incentives have been added to Sushiswap, in other words, a part of their transaction costs are allocated to holders of Sushiswap token SUSHI. In addition, Sushiswap is the same as Uniswap in the front-end interface.

The core of Sushiswap is to increase the token economic incentives, and the liquidity providers of Sushiswap can get the incentive of SUSHI tokens.

As we all know, on Uniswap, liquidity providers get corresponding fees based on the liquidity shares they provide. This can only be a short-term transaction and cannot get long-term benefits. The SUSHI token represents the potential benefits of the entire Sushiwap protocol. It can capture part of the cost of the protocol for a long time. Therefore, even if the early liquidity providers no longer provide liquidity for the protocol, they can continue to obtain the SUSHI obtained from their previous mining. The long-term value of the agreement.

Uniswap’s token incentive model combines the early liquidity providers with the long-term benefits of the agreement. In addition, if the liquidity provider no longer provides liquidity for Sushiswap, the corresponding early liquidity provider’s tokens will also be relatively reduced, because other liquidity providers will continue to provide services to the agreement, so other providers People can continue to get more tokens.

Sushiswap releases 100 SUSHI tokens for each block, which will be evenly distributed to all supported token pools. In the first 100,000 blocks, the output of SUSHI is higher, releasing 1,000 SUSHI per block. The purpose of this setting is to incentivize Uniswap’s liquidity providers to provide liquidity to Sushiswap in the future.

What is the issuance price of sushi coins?
The sushi coin issuance price is 2.59 US dollars, the historical highest price is 23.3944 US dollars, the historical lowest price is 0.4733 US dollars, and the current investment return rate is 563.21%. As of the time of writing, the sushi coin price is 17.1772 US dollars, which is RMB 112.07, and the 24-hour transaction volume US$2.407 billion, with a 24-hour maximum price of US$17.7911.

What is the total amount of SUSHI coins issued? The above is the related content of the total amount of SUSHI currency issued. Finally, the editor of the currency circle tells investors that the first principle of investment is to avoid risks. If you cannot avoid risks, then no matter how much money you make, it will be returned one day. Everyone’s success has its own methods, and investment transactions must also have their principles. Accumulating small things to make more, struggling with small ones is the basis of transactions. However, many people forget their original intentions and put their interests in front of them. Risks hang on the wall. I don’t know how vulnerable and small individuals are in the market. If you don’t understand how to avoid risks, it is like a small boat sailing in the ocean, which will be overturned by wind and waves at any time. This article is from: Microtransaction www.9ixf.com Original address: http://microtransactions.cn/waihui/37433.html