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When users dare not start a business and cannot sell central air conditioners, when can they get back on track?

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At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted the original trajectory of the central air-conditioning market.

On February 12, the “Guidelines for the Operation and Management of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Offices and Public Places during the Epidemic of Novel Pneumonia” drafted by the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention was released. Up to now, many regions have issued relevant policies, and the central air-conditioning in commercial buildings is temporarily closed. Could central air conditioning become an “accomplice” in the spread of the new coronavirus? Can the central air conditioner still be turned on? These problems have become a “big worry” for consumers. For a time, the category of central air conditioning was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

When users dare not start a business and cannot sell central air conditioners, when can they get back on track?

Difficult for users, even more difficult for enterprises

Can the central air conditioner be turned on? This is a big question in the minds of all central air conditioner users.

“One of the main transmission routes of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission, and the working principle of the central air conditioner is to control the temperature of different rooms by driving multiple terminals by one host, so that the air circulates in different rooms. Therefore, The use of central air conditioners does bring potential risks of virus transmission.” An industry source told reporters that if unnecessary, central air conditioners in public places should be turned on as little or as little as possible to prevent the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

For office buildings with central air conditioning installed in the city, this winter is extraordinarily cold. The white-collar workers who worked in the office building returned to the days of relying on down jackets and cotton coats for warmth overnight, and they had to sigh “too difficult”.

However, it is difficult for users, and it is even more difficult for enterprises. This winter is a tough “winter” for all central air-conditioning companies.

Central air conditioning is a category of “three-point equipment and seven-point installation”. “The installation of central air conditioners involves many things such as decoration, renovation, etc., and it has formed a project. At present, the central air conditioners are generally embedded in the wall, and at least simple decoration is required, unlike household air conditioners, which are simply punched and installed. That’s it.” Song Liyuan, senior product manager of the Industrial Online Commercial Division, told reporters.

Affected by the epidemic, various regions have stricter control over foreign populations, and logistics have not fully recovered. Most of the construction and decoration companies that have resumed work are facing problems such as shortage of workers and insufficient supply of materials. Coupled with the fact that consumers are not at home, most of the offline sales stores of home appliances are “closed door to thank customers”, which has adversely affected the installation and sales of central air-conditioning and even some categories of the entire home appliance industry.

Under the influence of multiple factors such as national policies and the general environment of the industry, the sales of the central air-conditioning market in 2019 are not ideal compared with last year, the overall sales of the industry have shown signs of decline, and the sales pressure of enterprises has further increased. Song Liyuan told a reporter from China State Grid that in order to have a good starting point for the start of 2020, many companies will open their markets 1-2 months earlier, starting around November and December 2019. Coupled with the early Spring Festival holiday this year, many companies started their holiday around January 18, which led to a year-on-year decrease of more than 30 points in the sales of central air conditioners in January this year, showing a relatively obvious decline.

With a bad start to the new year and the raging epidemic, this year of central air conditioning in 2020 can be described as “more difficult”.

Why “break the game”?

In fact, not only the central air conditioner, but also the overall environment of the home appliance industry has been negatively affected by the epidemic. However, at present, this impact is only temporary and will not shake the foundation of my country’s home appliance industry.

Judging from the development in recent years, central air conditioning is in a growth period. Compared with ordinary household air conditioners, the advantages of central air conditioners are that the appearance is more concise and beautiful, the decoration style will not be damaged, and the air flow sent out is more uniform and comfortable. Nowadays, consumers’ consumption concept is changing, and they have a deeper understanding of the energy efficiency and comfort of air conditioners. Coupled with the vast Chinese market, the category of central air conditioners has great potential. It is understood that the overall sales scale of central air conditioners in 2019 has exceeded 100 billion, the growth rate is higher than that of other categories, and the scale is still expanding.

The development momentum of domestic brand central air conditioners tends to be good. Although domestic brands are technically different from foreign brands, in recent years, with the increase in product and R&D efforts, the market share and consumer recognition of domestic brands are increasing year by year, and they are gradually catching up with foreign brands. accelerate.

For the current predicament, some companies have begun to take active actions to provide technical support such as cleaning and maintenance for the central air-conditioning equipment that has been put into use. Suning Big Data shows that orders for central air-conditioning cleaning services have grown very rapidly, up 230% year-on-year. At the same time, some companies use live broadcast to start online marketing and transfer pre-sales services to online. It is understood that the central air conditioners of Casarte, Gree and other brands all use online “live broadcast” to answer questions for consumers online; Haier held an online central air conditioner engineering service provider interactive summit, which is also an extraordinary period. A major innovation in marketing interaction.

In addition, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people’s concept of disinfection and health has been greatly improved. The central air conditioner combined with functions such as fresh air and sterilization can effectively inhibit the breeding and spread of bacteria and viruses, which may become a major selling point and provide ideas for the industry’s next product development.

The support of national policies will also help central air-conditioning enterprises to resume work and production as soon as possible and get out of the predicament. From the perspective of national policy, although the severity of the epidemic has exceeded expectations, the government expects that the number of allocations will not be reduced, and this part of the funds for the construction of public facilities in the later stage will remain at a normal level. At the same time, enterprises can apply for delayed payment of social security, tax relief, government subsidies, and increased financial support.

Recently, Academician Zhong Nanshan said that according to the forecast model, the new crown pneumonia epidemic should usher in a peak around the end of February and be basically controlled by the end of April. At present, thanks to the strong intervention of the state and the elimination of the peak of the return journey after the Spring Festival, the epidemic trend has become increasingly clear, the number of confirmed and suspected cases across the country has gradually decreased, and the number of cured cases has begun to increase. The epidemic has suppressed people’s desire to consume. Therefore, after the epidemic is over, all walks of life may usher in a wave of “retaliatory consumption”, and the stagnant losses of central air conditioners in the recent period will also be compensated to a certain extent. After getting through the “cold winter”, the central air conditioner will usher in its “darkness”.

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