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With the support of hard-core technology innovation, Huahong Hongli’s “8+12” characteristic process platform adds wings to the intelligent era

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According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China’s 5G mobile phone shipments from January to October 2019 were 3.281 million units, and the development speed far exceeded industry expectations. The accelerated commercialization of 5G has brought the broader era of intelligence ahead of schedule, followed by massive demand for chips. However, despite the huge investment in advanced chip manufacturing technology, it can only meet the application needs of some chips such as CPU and DRAM; such as embedded flash memory, power supply, power chips, etc., the widespread needs are mainly produced by Shanghai Huahong Group, a subsidiary of Hua Hong Group. Honghongli semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“Huahonghongli”) is a special process chip manufacturing enterprise headed by mature process equipment to continuously innovate to improve chip performance and cost advantages.

Recently, at the China Integrated Circuit Design Industry 2019 Annual Conference (ICCAD 2019), Hua Hong Semiconductor (Wuxi)* R&D Director Chen Hualun was invited to give a speech on behalf of Hua Hong Grace. Hua Hong Grace is based on the 8-inch production line and expands its advantages to 12-inch “8+12” strategic layout, as well as the “core” vision of promoting rapid growth in the intelligent era through continuous innovation.

With the support of hard-core technology innovation, Huahong Hongli’s “8+12” characteristic process platform adds wings to the intelligent era

Picture: Hua Hong Semiconductor (Wuxi) R&D Director Chen Hualun shared his insights on industry development at ICCAD 2019

Embedded flash memory: three pillars for frontrunners

As early as the beginning of 2000, Hua Hong Grace has begun to lay out characteristic processes. After years of R&D innovation and accumulation of advantages, it has formed a number of characteristic process technology platforms with leading advantages, and the world’s leading embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM). ) is one of them. As Hua Hong Grace’s largest revenue source in 2018, the eNVM platform mainly includes two categories of applications: smart card chips and MCUs.

According to the 2018 annual report, Hua Hong Grace’s MCU business covers mainstream technologies such as eFlash, OTP, MTP and EEPROM, and can achieve full coverage of high-end, mid-range and low-end MCU products. In 2018, Hua Hong Grace introduced more than 100 new MCU products for the 110nm embedded flash memory platform, which is one of the main growth points of eNVM platform revenue. At the same time, the further improved 95nm 5V SG eNVM process has the advantages of small area, low power consumption and high cost performance by optimizing the memory cell structure, IP design and process simplification, and is widely favored by customers. Chen Hualun emphasized that the process platform has both high reliability and low power consumption, as well as comprehensive competitive advantages such as less mask.

Hua Hong Grace’s eNVM technology platform includes three major process platforms including SONOS, SuperFlash self-alignment and self-developed NORD FLASH, fully covering the current mainstream technology nodes from 180nm to 90nm and below, and has been widely used in SIM cards, bank cards and social security cards with financial payment functions.

With the support of hard-core technology innovation, Huahong Hongli’s “8+12” characteristic process platform adds wings to the intelligent era

Picture: Hua Hong Grace is a trusted foundry partner for security chips

In the era of digital economy, the security and reliability of chips are particularly important, whether it is in the field of bank card finance, or in the industrial and automotive markets involving personal safety. Chen Hualun pointed out that Hua Hong Grace has done a lot of work on security chips, including the process design of anti-light, temperature or physical attack of financial IC card chips, and the reliability of security IP. Customers use Hua Hong Grace eNVM process. The financial IC card chip products manufactured by the platform have obtained the CC EAL5+ certification, the EMVCo security certification, and the MasterCard CQM certification issued by the international authoritative certification agency, which is enough to prove the high stability, high reliability and high security of the Hua Hong Grace eNVM process platform, which is worthwhile. Trusted security chip foundry partner.

In addition to traditional applications such as smart cards and the Internet of Things, as a leading manufacturer of embedded flash memory chips, Hua Hong Grace has been expanding the boundaries of technology applications. Chen Hualun revealed that Hua Hong Grace has worked with partners to successfully develop AI chip solutions for the current hot AI applications, and the jointly published paper will be officially announced at the 2019 IEDM conference.

RF-SOI: The RF Core of the 5G Era

The deployment of 5G cellular networks will greatly increase the demand for RF technology. Compared with traditional gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology, RF-SOI has both excellent RF performance and cost advantages, and has become the mainstream technology for switching RF applications as early as the 4G era. Benefiting from long-term accumulation, Hua Hong Grace’s RF SOI process has domestic leading FOM and RF performance, and can provide accurate PSP SOI model to ensure simulation accuracy, which is convenient for optimizing the design of RF front-end modules and antenna switches; in the mainstream 0.2 micron and On the 0.13-micron technology node, there is a lot of successful mass production experience, with a yield rate of over 97%.

With the completion and commissioning of Hua Hong Wuxi’s 12-inch production line, Hua Hong Hongli’s RF SOI process will lay a solid foundation, give full play to the characteristics of a smaller line width of 12 inches, and continue to develop 1.2V/2.5V technology under the 55nm technology node Platform support for integrated Switch + LNA. Hua Hong Grace’s characteristic process platform also covers mature RF CMOS process, SiGe BiCMOS process, etc. The rich RF combination can flexibly support customer needs and help customers play the core voice of the era in the 5G era.

BCD: Differentiation wins the analog chip market

Analog chips (including power management) are widely used in communication systems, consumer electronics, automobiles, and industrial control. For analog chip manufacturing, the BCD process is currently the most widely used. Chen Hualun said that in order to meet the diverse needs of the application market, the BCD process is developing in three directions: high power, high voltage, and high integration.

Hua Hong Grace’s analog chip technology covers a wide range of voltages, from 5V to 700V, and process nodes from 0.5μm to 90nm. In terms of BCD technology, Hua Hong Grace can provide a full range of BCD/CDMOS processes, and is unique in differentiated low-voltage BCD technology.

In 2018, Hua Hong Hongli successfully mass-produced the second-generation 0.18-micron 5V/40V BCD. Its technical performance has reached the advanced level in the industry. Mass production of various chips such as fast charging and DC-DC converters. Combined with the leading embedded flash memory technology, Hua Hong Grace has also successfully combined BCD and FLASH to provide a 110nm BCD + eFlash solution. In the future, the highest operating voltage will be increased to 60V-100V, which is suitable for battery management systems It meets the design requirements of automotive electronics, provides better choices for fast charging and intelligent power management that are urgently needed, and meets the increasing demand for composite functions in the market.

Power Devices: Accelerating Running with Points and Surfaces

Power semiconductors, including MOSFETs, IGBTs, etc., are popular in switching power supplies, smart grids, and new energy vehicles. Hua Hong Grace has been deeply involved in power semiconductors for many years. It is the world’s first 8-inch pure wafer foundry for power devices. It has started the “core” road of power semiconductors as early as 2002; at the same time, Hua Hong Grace is also the first in the industry. 8-inch foundry with Deep Trench Super Junction (DT-SJ) and Field Stop (FS) IGBT process platforms.

Over the years, Hua Hong Grace has occupied an important position in the high-end power device application market. For example, in the automotive electronics market with strict safety and reliability requirements, MOSFETs manufactured by Hua Hong Grace have been used in automotive oil pumps, AC/DC converters, body stabilization (ESP) and other systems; in the core of new energy vehicles Among the device inverters, Hua Hong Hongli’s high-quality IGBTs with high-end backside processing technology have been widely used.

Figure: Hua Hong Grace has been focusing on the development of power device technology for a long time

Super junction MOSFETs are suitable for the voltage range from 200V to 900V. They have smaller on-resistance, higher efficiency, and relatively low heat dissipation. They are widely used in products such as switching power supplies with strict requirements.

Hua Honghong’s deep trench super junction process has been developed to the third generation, and its process is compact, and a new structure of trench gate has been successfully developed, which effectively reduces the junction resistance and further reduces the cell pitch. The parameters reach the industry-leading level, which can provide technical solutions with lower on-resistance, smaller chip area, faster switching speed and lower switching loss.

IGBT is a composite power semiconductor device composed of BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) and MOS (Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor). Because it can improve the efficiency and quality of electricity, it has great application potential. It is indispensable in rail transportation and power transmission.

Hua Hong Grace has a complete set of backside processing capabilities for FS IGBT, including backside wafer, backside high-energy ion implantation, backside laser annealing, and backside metallization. It is one of the few 8-inch wafer production lines in China to provide customers with high-quality As one of the manufacturers of IGBT foundry services, it can help customers’ products to compete with the mainstream international IDM products in the industry and gain greater advantages in market competition.

Hardcore Innovation: Playing the Strongest Voice in the “Beyond Moore” Era

As a leading enterprise in characteristic technology, Hua Hong Grace has always regarded innovation as the driving force for development. After years of R&D innovation and continuous accumulation, it has become the first integrated circuit enterprise ranked among the “Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Invention Patent Authorization”. More than 3400 Chinese/US invention patents.

Based on the “8+12” characteristic process platform, Hua Hong Grace will continue to develop smart card, power management, power semiconductor and characteristic RF application markets by providing sufficient production capacity and continuous technological innovation capabilities to meet the needs of 5G, Internet of Things, industrial And the challenges of lower power consumption, smaller size and better cost in the automotive market, inject the “core” power of innovation and development into the intelligent era, and help make life better in the future.

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