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Zhejiang 500kV ultra-high voltage substation officially put into operation

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At 9:10 on December 4, the 50th ultra-high voltage substation in Zhejiang was put into operation in Hangzhou. So far, the number and substation capacity of 500 kV substations in Zhejiang has reached a record high, second only to Jiangsu Power Grid, ranking second in the domestic provincial power grid.

State Grid Zhejiang electric power related personnel introduced that the substation is called 500 kV Xiaowei substation. It is of great significance to the economic development of the metropolitan economic circle in the Gulf and to ensure the power supply for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.


“As a new station put into operation under the background of ‘Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things’ construction, the 500 kV Xiaowei Substation is different from traditional substations in that it will become a ‘strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things’ built by State Grid Corporation of China It is an important manifestation of the development strategy.” Zhang Jianhuan, the main person in charge of the operation of the 500 kV Xiaowei substation, introduced that the 500 kV Xiaowei substation will be the first to launch a monitoring system for main and auxiliary equipment in Zhejiang, realizing one-key sequential control and intelligent inspection of indoor and outdoor robots. , real-time management and control of on-site operations, etc., to achieve the purpose of comprehensive status perception, information interconnection and sharing, friendly human-computer interaction, highly intelligent equipment diagnosis, and greatly improved operation and inspection efficiency.

For example, the newly added “one-key sequence control” status return to the background, SF6 online monitoring and other functions will play an important role in the switching operation, efficient inspection and reduction of equipment life-cycle costs.

In addition, for local economic development, the Xiaowei 500kV power transmission and transformation project is the first real main power source in the Hangzhou Bay Industrial Cluster. The main power points in the Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster, the eastern Xiaoshan area, and the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport area relieve the power load shortage in the eastern Xiaoshan and Dajiangdong areas.

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